I'm passionate about ideation, a process that allowed me to enjoy financial independence, flexibility in time & the pursuit of my passion while working remotely. I am sharing with you my holistic approach to ideation through my experience as a Citizen of the world, my journey as a Digital Soulpreneur and the values acquired via my family nucleus that uplifted my purpose of life.

Citizen of the World

I'm a Jordanian-Swiss Citizen of the World, I was born in Australia, I grew up between Jordan, Paris and Chile then moved to the eternal city of Rome, before living in Switzerland. Nowadays I live between Barcelona and Bern (Switzerland). This map is a South-up map illustrating my life journey since birth. We've always been acostumbed to see North-up maps, why is that? Research suggests that north-south positions on maps have psychological consequences. In general, north is associated with richer people, while south is associated with poorer people. When participants were presented with south-up oriented maps, this north-south bias disappeared. I am sharing with you this map, to invite you to look at the same world from a different perspective.

Digital Soulpreneur

I started my ideation process when I opened my first company at the age of 23, combining it a couple of years later with Digital Entrepreneurship where I identified a niche that enabled me to scale up and form an international team, where we became Elite Authors & Pioneers in the digital goods market, with a track-record of over 19.860 Clients Worldwide.

Some might think it's a lot, others not, but what really matters is to see how ideation can allow us to enjoy financial independence, flexibility in time & the pursuit of passion while working remotely.

So if by today, you still don't have an online activity then I highly recommend you to start one and "Choose a job you love so that you never work a day in your life."

This is why I'm passionate about supporting brilliant minds stimulate their creativity in order to identify an idea that is part of their purpose of life, regardless whether it's Art, Business or a Cause, and help them exploit the digital tools to maximize the impact through speed & reach.

I believe that every person should learn about digital soulpreneurship, so that you can develop a digital activity with an entrepreneurial spirit, starting from the soul and heading towards your purpose of life.

Father & Writer

I'm a father of a wonderful boy & ex-husband of a fabulous woman with whom I founded a family nucleus that represents an essential pilar of the person I am today. I strongly believe that the quality of a family nucleus reflects the quality of a society while investing in our children's multicultural-diversity will guarantee a new generation based on harmony, empathy & respect.

This is why I published the book of "Lu and The Special Pen" and created an online community where Children from around the world can connect with each other and manifest their ideation process by sharing their stories of the special pen.

wannabe Poet

A very special person introduced me to the verses of the Persian Poet "RUMI", this is how I experienced how the power of words can represent a source of enlightement for the soul and help you become a better version of yourself. Since then I fell in love with Poetry and I strongly believe that the words that come out of your mouth reflect the purity of your heart and that the words that come out of your pen reflect the light within your soul. So, I decided to introduce a new style of poetry through my projects, hoping that one day I could become a Poet.

Architect & Alchemist

It took me 35 years to discover the architecture between my body, mind and heart then within a heartbeat I become an alchemist of my soul.

When you think about a word, it's a combination of letters while letters are shapes which are usually a contrast of black & white colors for the eye.

Isn't it fascinating that a set of shapes & colors that are read by the eye and interpreted by the brain can send a signal to the heart which then provokes an emotion out of a word?
From there a continuous dialog initiates between heart and mind, where the heart acts as a compass that can lead you towards 3 directions:

A thought, an intention or an action.

Whatever thought, intention or action you do that is positive, iluminates your soul, while whatever thought, intention or action you do that is negative, darkens your soul. So what is light?

If you had to describe to a blind person (born blind) what light is, it would be difficult for this person to imagine it. Imagine just for a moment that The Divine would have thousands of layers of light and that our presence in this world is to spend a lifetime discovering the meaning of one layer of light.

So let us enlighten our souls by learning beautiful things, creating purposeful projects and inspire each other to think & act positively.

My experience with ideation has tought me not to differentiate between Business, Passion and Spirituality, they are all connected and their fusion gives a holistic approach to life.